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AED Rent GmbH

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The equipment supplier for the AV professional

AED group with headquarters in Belgium and divisions in The Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom and South East Asia, is the only Total Solution Provider in the AV industry. Use our AV business tools of the AED Toolbox at your convenience and grow your business.

When used correctly and in balance, our business tools will help AV companies (rental companies, retailers, integrators, installers…) to achieve their goals. AED group rents, flexleases, leases, distributes and sells professional new and second hand AV-equipment. Or you can use our Pay-per-Use model.

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    Heidchenstrasse 3-5
    56424 Bannberscheid
  • Telefon 02602 999 371 0
  • Ansprechpartner Alexander Kexel
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