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Neopak Szymon Zdziarski

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Trust us – packing goods doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Neopak team is aware how to make them easy! Good-class accessories, equipments and materials for packing have been our specialization for over two decades. This makes packing really efficient, comfortable, just better. We look after cooperation with prestigious manufacturers. Our clients can get attractive prices, a lot of sales and large decline. It’s best to see our assortment in this moment and convince yourself of all its advantages and strengths. Do you have any special requirements for the order? This is our next distinguishing characteristic – we are happy to fulfill individual needs, even the complex ones. Custom-made or printed packaging is also our specialty. Do you want to know more? Want to see what exactly we want to offer? We’re waiting for contact.


Neopak Szymon Zdziarski
ul. Leonidasa 51
02-239 Warszawa

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