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Who we are

WHITEvoid operates at the horizon where art, design and technology meet.

The studio is comprised of specialists in interaction, media- and product design, architecture, mechanical and electronic engineering. The main focus of the projects is the translation of bits and bytes into objects and environments and vice versa. Space, object, sound and interaction are the key elements of all works. The interactive installations and products are created for museums, exhibitions and trade fairs, festivals, concerts and clubs. WHITEvoid’s designs are exhibited and experienced internationally and have gained worldwide recognition.

What We Do

Concepts, Design, Communication, Consulting, Planning and Implementation of all kind of WOW-effects!

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  • Anschrift Koepenicker Chaussee 4
    10317 Berlin
  • Telefon 030 / 5673 0919
  • Ansprechpartner Seda Kutlar
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