About VPLT.JOBmarket

In a young dynamic industry to find the right people for the the right job is no job. It is a responsibility.

VPLT.JOBmarket has been online for more than a year now.

The current version of the VPLT.JOBmarket is not yet final but a beta version. Most of the basic functionalities have already been realized, and subtleties are still being worked on.

We ask you to register under jobmarket@vplt.org if you notice any errors or you have suggestions for improvement.

Nowadays the labor market often changes rapidly. Finding the right employers or employees is often a big challenge, not just for job seekers, but also for companies that are looking for qualified specialists.

We at VPLT.JOBmarket would like to be active here and make us a reliable and future-oriented workplace within the national and international event industry.

To this end, the VPLT, together with the Prolight + Sound team, has developed this offer for the media and event industry.
Nowadays, it is more important than ever to employ reliable and qualified personnel as well as to quickly and efficiently deal with very short-term changes in personnel. The VPLT.JOBmarket wants to sustainably support both in Germany, but also across borders.



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